The must have new bookkeeping system to maximise your profitability & future-proof your business.

Automate your bookkeeping.
Take control of your money.

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Learn how to automate your accounts & easily keep on top of things in just minutes - not hours or days - even if you're short on time and you're NOT a numbers person.


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


+ What if you didn't have to stress any more about money?

+ What if you knew exactly where you were at financially and your books were clean?

+ What if you actually started making profit that offered you REAL freedom...

+ ...and what if you actually had the time to enjoy it?

Well.. this is your lucky day because... 

Just imagine...

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A complete system, to help you get your books under control, in less time - without the stress.

Ever tried to fend off your bookkeeping or accounts to someone else?? Ever procrastinated on getting up to speed? Maybe you didn't LOVE maths at school.. you're creative - or you just 'don't do numbers'. Or maybe you just don't know where to start - you feel like there MUST be someone more qualified to do this... but I've got news for you.. there's not.

Organised Money Membership


Jo learnt to track the profitability of her projects & made decisions in light of that knowledge that helped her business thrive.


Here's how it works:



Build a strong platform for your business to thrive financially, and get all your registrations in place. 

Create squeeky clean audit ready books & create professional invoicing processes

Make BAS & tax time virtually painless. Get live data on hand to track your business's financial performance

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There's 7 core lessons in HD video, each with supporting how-to tutorials, that outline a complete step by step system to automate and stay up to date on your books.




Get plug & play processes to track expenses, virtually guaranteeing you get paid on time. Set up professional processes & learn to easily handle reimbursements & loans

Automate your financial processes, learn how to select & set up the best apps for your business, implementing our plug & play automations



Set up processes to periodically 'health check' your business. keep all your financial data accurate & monitor cash flow using our customised tools (templates included!)

Reduce financial stress by creating your own daily finance routine, save hours of work each week & virtually eliminate getting behind on your books.


You get the Xero How To Series: 17 Step by step tutorial videos that show you exactly how to set up and use Xero in your business. I don't offer this training, anywhere else. 



You get 12 months access to our designated support desk, where we're available by email to answer all your questions and help you implement what you learn in the program.


Total value over $10,000

Mark saved over $6500 in accounting fees, his first year of implementing the system


+ Are ready to find an easier & more reliable way to stay across all their accounts & bookkeeping

+ Struggling with staying on top of their books

+ Want a set-it-and-forget-it system in place, so their books run smoothly, and they can spend less time working on them and less time worrying about them

This program is designed for Small Business Owners Who...


Yes you will definitely still need an accountant. You'll need to get specialist financial advice as required, and you'll still definitely need to get your tax and/or BAS lodged. In most cases though, Organised Money Membership will make that an easier, quicker process as you'll have your financials up to date already. This will allow you to get the most value out of your relationship with your accountant.

Will I still need an Accountant?

No. Organised Money Membership is not an app or a done-for-you service - it's a training program and a support resource to help you set up and use existing apps & software to take advantage of the automations you need to keep your day-to-day business finance and bookkeeping organised. We don't offer done-for-you services.

Is this an app or a done-for-you service?

You may still choose to use a bookkeeper, depending on what you need doing. Organised Money Membership will help you to automate much of your bookkeeping however you may still need a bookkeeper to help with PAYG, BAS lodgements or other bookkeeping tasks as required.

Will I still need a bookkeeper?

At the moment OMM does not teach you how to lodge your BAS or process your business's payroll. You will need to work directly with your accountant or bookkeeper or arrange it yourself. However OMM will make any of these processes easier, quicker and more streamlined as your financials will already be up to date. 

Will this program help me with BAS or payroll?

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Stop putting off getting on top of your books. Finally master this thing. End procrastination once and for all & start taking control of your money.

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If you don't get results from this program, just show me you did the work within 14 days of purchase and I'll gladly give you your money back! I'm so confident you'll get results, I'm offering you this no risk guarantee. 

I want you to love it